Some Thoughts

Fun With Parallel Trends

What havoc can we wreak when we realize that parallel trends is but a functional form assumption?

Ordinary Least Squares, Translated into English

Going through the logic of what OLS actually is and does, in plain-language terms.

Overdebunked! Six Statistical Critiques That Don't Quite Work

When healthy skepticism of statistics turns into worse statistics (and an excuse).

Consulting and Freelancing in Academia

A guide to getting started and doing well at consulting and freelancing, and avoiding some speed bumps. This is aimed squarely at people in academia who are good at working with data.

Identification by Heteroskedasticity

A brief note on a method for how we can identify a causal effect using assumptions about heteroskedasticity instead of correlations.

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Some Thoughts

This repository contains brief blog-like thoughts, usually on econometrics. And let’s be honest, it’s only a matter of time before it’s abandoned. My name is Nick Huntington-Klein, and I am an assistant professor of economics at Seattle University.

You can find more about me here. You can also check out more of my writing via my causal inference textbook The Effect which you should totally buy or at least read the free version I just linked.

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