Lecture 17: More Tableau

Nick Huntington-Klein

02 July, 2022


  • Last time we got some basic graphs going and got familiar with the software
  • This time we’ll go a little deeper!
  • First, working our way around the decoration and customization options
  • Then, making some more complex graphs with Table Calculations and Shelves


  • We can adjust the presentation of most elements of the graph by double clicking on them, Excel style
  • For example, axes
  • From here we can adjust tick marks, scale, consistency of scale across multi-part graphs, and numerical formatting, as well as things like “include 0 on the axis or no?”

Formatting Numbers

  • We can also see on the left when we click on an axis the “Scale” segment
  • We can set things like percentages being .1 or 10%, or the units of the variable (like $)
  • (If you’re having trouble, RIGHT-click the axis and hit Format)


  • Let’s take the example worksheet and walk through adjusting the axis
  • Look at Sheet 1
  • Make the y-axis tick marks percentages with one decimal place
  • And make the x-axis only have ticks on days 0, 10, 20, 30.
  • Also change axis titles to “Day of Month” and “Percent Cancelled



The Result